Справочник по настройке BIOS


SRAM Speed Option" предлагает
SRAM Speed Option" предлагает - часть 2
SRAM Speed Option" предлагает - часть 3
SRAM Speed Option" предлагает - часть 4
SRAM Speed Option" предлагает - часть 5
SRAM Speed Option" предлагает - часть 6
4.4. Refresh
Burst Refresh
CAS Before RAS Refresh
CAS-to-RAS Refresh Delay
Concurrent Refresh
Decoupled Refresh
DRAM Burst at 4 Refresh
DRAM RAS Only Refresh
DRAM RAS# Precharge Time
DRAM Refresh Method
DRAM Refresh Period
DRAM Refresh Queue
DRAM Refresh Queue Depth
Extended Refresh
Fast DRAM Refresh
Hidden Refresh
Hi-Speed Refresh
ISA Refresh
ISA Refresh Period
ISA Refresh Type
Ref/Act Command Delay
Refresh During PCI Cycles
Refresh RAS# Assertion
Refresh Value
Refresh When CPU Hold
Slow Refresh (1:4)
Staggered Refresh
Auto Configuration
Bank nn DRAM Type
Bank nn Numer of Banks
Base Memory Size
CAS# Latency
CAS# Pulse Width
CPU to DRAM Page Mode
DRAM Clock
DRAM Interleave Mode
DRAM Page Idle Timer
DRAM Speed Selection
Fast MA to RAS# Delay
MA Wait State
OS Select for DRAM>64Mb
RAMW# Timing
RAS# Pulse Width
RAS# to CAS# Delay
RAS# to CAS# Delay - часть 2
Read Prefetch Memory RD
SDRAM Configuration
Display Cache Window Size
Initialize Display Cache Memory
X CAS# Latency
X RAS# Precharge Timing
X RAS# Timing
Graphics Mode Select
Snoop Ahead
VGA 128k Range Attribute
CPU-TO-PCI Prefetch", т.е
5. PCI
PCI Bus Arbitration
DMA/ISA Master Before PCI"
CPU Priority
CPU Priority - часть 2
CPU Priority - часть 3
CPU Priority - часть 4
CPU Priority - часть 5
CPU Priority - часть 6
CPU Priority - часть 7
CPU Priority - часть 8
PCI Device, Slot #n",
PCI Device, Slot #n", - часть 2
16 Bit ISA I/O Command WS
16 Bit ISA Mem Command WS
ISA Bus Clock
ISA Bus Clock - часть 2
ISA Command Delay
ISA Slave Wait States
7. Peripherals & Resources
Init AGP Display First
Init Display First" в случае
Joystick Function
LAN Controller
Multiple Monitor Support
Onboard FDC Controller
Onboard Parallel Port
Onboard PCI IDE Enable
Onboard IDE", "IDE controller"
Onboard Serial Port ½
Offboard pci ide card
PS/2 Mouse Function Control
Mouse Controller", которая
USB controller
USB Keyboard Support
X USB KB/Mouse Legacy Support
X Port 64/60 Emulation
Configuration Mode
Installed O/S" носит более
PnP BIOS Auto-Config" позволяет
Configuration Mode", но она
Lock Setup Configuration
Reset Configuration Data
Resources Controlled By
Resources Controlled By - часть 2
Resources Controlled By - часть 3
Resources Controlled By - часть 4
Resources Controlled By - часть 5
IRQ n Assigned to
IRQ n Used By ISA
Modem Use IRQ
PCI Device Search Order
PCI IRQ Activated by
PCI/PNP ISA IRQ Resource Exclusion
PCI Slot n IRQ Priority
Report No FDD For WIN 95
Slot n IRQ for VGA
Trigger Method
Use IRQ12 For Mouse Port
Use IRQ12 For Mouse Port - часть 2
DMA Clock
DMA Line Buffer Mode
DMA n Assigned to
DMA-n Type" встречалась и
DMA n Used By ISA
DMA Wait States
"8-Bit DMA Cycle Wait States",
Extended DMA Registers
PCI/PNP ISA DMA Resource Exclusion
TypeF DMA Buffer Control1(2)
TypeF DMA Transfers #1(#2)"
TypeF DMA Transfers #1(#2)" - часть 2
AC'97 Audio
Audio Controller
X Base I/O address
X MPU I/O address
X Interrupt
X 8-bit DMA channel
X 16-bit DMA channel
Audio Output
Keyboard Reset Control
Typematic Rate (Chars/Sec)
Typematic Rate Delay (msec)
Keyboard Submenu" (или "Keyboard
IrDA - аббревиатура от "Infrared
Sharp ASK - 9,6-57,6 Кбит/с,

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